Download Flight Manual Supplements

Here is a collection of flight manual supplements for the Cessna 182P and Cessna 182Q airplanes.  These are only samples of the actual FAA approved documents and cannot be used for operating your airplane.  However, they will give you a good idea of how your airplane will perform when you operate at weights above 2950 pounds.


Please note that if you have other STCs incorporated, such as an engine upgrade for example, your performance will differ from that shown in our supplement.  Our STC has been shown to be compatible with a long list of other STCs, and each FAA Approved supplement carries a legal notice to allow this:

Why are there so many supplements?  Because each of the serialized airplane groups have enough baseline performance differences to require separate treatment.


Please be careful to select the correct manual based upon your airplane's specific serial number.


(All documents are in Adobe .PDF format)       If you do not already have it, the Adobe Reader may be found here: