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Q:  What documents are part of the STC?  What exactly do I get?

A:  Of course, you'll get the STC certificate itself, SA03608AT, consisting of two pages.  If your airplane is registered in Europe, you will also receive our EASA STC 10026913.  But this is only a part of what you will need.  All of the following documents are required to legally incorporate the STC and are included with your purchase:


  • Permission Letter  -  This letter is our authorization for you to use the STC. It is required, not only by FAA regulations, but by US Congressional edict via Public Law. It is valid only for your specific airplane and serial number.  EASA regulations also require a similar letter.
  • Instructions for Continued Airworthiness  -  This FAA/EASA approved document gives your maintenance provider clear instructions on what to do in the event of an overweight landing. It also makes clear that there are no additional airplane limitations as a consequence of incorporating this STC.  You may use the "ICA" link above to review it.
  • Supplemental Airplane Flight Manual (1972 - 1976 182P and 1977 - 1978 182Q only)  -  Depending upon your airplane's serial number, this will be one of six separate FAA approved supplements. Each details performance changes at the increased weight. Why so many? Baseline airplane performance, different fuel capacities, etc. occurred in these years. You will receive the correct supplement for your specific airplane. Use the "REQUEST INFO" link above if you'd like to see a sample SAFM.
  • Airplane Flight Manual Supplement (1979 - 1980 182Q only)  -  These airplanes have an official, FAA approved Airplane Flight Manual, serialized to your specific airplane. Unlike the earlier Owner's Manuals or Pilot Operating Handbooks, the AFM is required equipment. This AFMS covers both years when incorporating this STC. Use the "REQUEST INFO" link above if you'd like to see a sample AFMS.