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Q:  How do I proceed to actually incorporate the STC?

A:  Here are some guidelines to the STC "installation":

  1. If you've received the data package via E-mail, print all the pages for your records.  You may wish to print the ICA and flight manual supplements on both sides in order to save paper and volume.
  2. Make sure you've received all the correct documents for your airplane.  Refer to the STC certificate continuation sheet (FAA page 2 of 2, EASA Attachment 1) to make sure you have the correct flight manual supplement for your serial number. 
  3. Confirm that your aircraft registration and serial number are shown on the permission letter and on the flight manual supplement, and that these are consistent with those shown on your airplane's certificate of registration (FAA Form 8050-3 or EASA equivalent).
  4. In the USA, prepare two copies of FAA Form 337 detailing incorporation of STC SA03608AT.  An  "authorized person" (who becomes the "installer") must sign Block 7 of the form, approving your airplane for "return to service."  Keep one copy with the aircraft records and forward the second copy to:  Federal Aviation Administration, Aircraft Registration Branch AFS-750, PO Box 25504, Oklahoma City, OK 73125.  Outside the USA, follow the procedures prescribed by your Civil Aviation Authority or EASA - typically a "Certificate of Return to Service" (CRS) signed by an authorized AME or EASA Part 66 Licensed engineer.
  5. Have the installer make an entry in your airframe logbook indicating that the STC has been incorporated and the 337 or CRS has been completed.
  6. Please review your flight manual supplement carefully and compare it with your present Owner's Manual, POH or AFM.  It contains important information about performance changes when operating your airplane at higher weights.  You should pay particular attention to the change in center of gravity (CG) envelopes and airspeeds for emergency operations.
  7. Place copies of the STC (2 pages for FAA, 3 for EASA), Permission Letter (1 page), flight manual supplement (14 to 23 pages), Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (6 pages), and the completed FAA Form 337 or CRS with the airplane's permanent maintenance records.

You're done !