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Q:  What advantage is there to incorporating your STC?

A:  Your ramp weight is increased to 3110 pounds, your Maximum Gross Takeoff Weight (MGTOW) to 3100 pounds. This allows you to legally take off with an additional 150 to 160 pounds of useful load or payload.  If you elect to use this capability by adding about an extra 25 gallons of fuel, you'll enjoy greater range, greater endurance, and greater safety.


Depending on your airplane's specific fuel consumption (higher for early 182P models, lower for 182Q's) and your selected cruise power settings, your range will increase by 260 to 310 nautical miles or more, and your endurance by 2 to 2.6 hours or more.  You might also avoid an unnecessary fuel stop and the related costs in both time and money. 

Your loading flexibility is not limited to carrying only more fuel, since there is no Maximum Zero Fuel Weight limitation.

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